We are constantly adding stock to our stores, items which we see and love that complement the vintage theme, seams to find their way home with us!
Here you will find items such as our vintage style easel for seating plans, silver trays, enamel jugs, table centre arrangements, bunting and trinkets, silver and glass candlesticks, lanterns and hanging jars to add romance, ….we can help you make your own impact with invitations, name cards and gifts for guests.
We have a range of flower arranging containers but we don’t profess to be budding florists. We enjoy flower arranging as a hobby and can turn our hand to trugs of flowers and fruits, also hand tied or cut flowers informally arranged in pretty jugs or tea cups, and are happy to recommend professional florists for anything outside our scope.
Browse and you will find wicker baskets, including picnic baskets for hire. As the days slow down and time expands over the week end, skip the paper plates and gather up an eclectic mix of vintage china and head out to the country for peace and quiet. Have a champagne picnic in the park or open air concert or day at the races- or even choose a picnic as an alternative to a traditional wedding reception- in these simple pleasures we experience the sum of all summers goodness!